Best exercise cycle

Choosing the Best Exercise Bike For Home Use

For a person who is new to exercise bikes, choosing the best exercise cycle may seem to be a tough job. There are many cycles available in the market today that are made by different manufacturers. So, how can one choose the best one? Basically, there are two types of exercise cycles available in the market today. The first one is stationary bike, while the other one is exercise motion machine. In this article, I will discuss these two cycles and their advantages over each other.


stationary bike: stationary bikes are the best exercise cycle for people who want to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. These bikes enable a person to lose weight and tone up both the legs and arms at the same time. The main advantage of using this type of bike is that it allows a person to burn more calories and increase his/her cardio-vascular endurance. stationary bikes are very popular in most gymnasiums. If you want to use this type of bike, then you need to purchase one from a reputed company in India like HGH Cycles.


HGH Bike: The second option to select the best exercise cycle for a person is the HGH bike. This is basically designed for building quality muscle and improving quality of body immune system. The biggest advantage of using this bike is that it has no mechanical parts that make noise. The only thing that you need to check out while purchasing this bike is that the resistance level should be increased along with the speed.


Recumbent Trainers: The best exercise cycle for a person who wants to lose weight is the recumbent trainer. This is the most preferred option for most of the fitness conscious people. The recumbent trainers enable a person to get a complete body workout while sitting on the chair. Many people are now using this option to stay fit even if they are already used to working in an office environment.


HealTheX Bike: The third option to select the best exercise cycle for a person is the HealTheX bike. This is essentially a dual action bike that also acts like a stationary bike. The motor of the bike is derived from the motor of the recumbent trainer. It has a smoother performance and can be used by people of all age groups. The smallest size of the bike is meant for women. The largest size is meant for men.


Movable Handles: The final option for choosing the best exercise cycle for a person is the movable handles. These bikes enable a person to get a great aerobic workout by just pushing oneself with the pedals. These bikes are basically fitted with two movable handles that are placed at the front and back of the seat. These handles allow you to have a smooth and comfortable pedal stroke.


Seat: The last option to select the best exercise cycle is the seat. The seat of the bikes is designed in such a way that it provides a good aerobic workout to the user. Usually, these seats are made with foam cushions having spring effects. The seat has a mass of around 120 kgs, which is quite heavy for a beginner and therefore an effective option to start with.


Exercise bicycles of all brands and features and are available in various sizes, speeds and resistance levels. A user can choose the best exercise cycle depending on his or her needs and requirements. The prices vary with the brand. The best option is to find out from various stores in India and find out which store provides a good discount offer and offers best deals. An important consideration is that the bikes should be bought from an authorized store as there are many stores that sell second hand bikes with poor quality and specifications.